Accepting the Monizze card

The pricing:

  • 0€ activation fee
  • 0€ costs if no transaction
  • 0€ subscription fee
  • % on the transaction:

    • -
      Meal vouchers:
      1% of the amount:
      min. 0,045 €
    • -
      Eco vouchers:
      2,75% of the amount
    • -
      Gift vouchers::
      2,75% on the amount

The activation of the Monizze card!
Step by step. No hassle.


Day D

You subscribe to Monizze by filling in the form to the right.

Day 7

Your payment terminal is activated automatically and remotely by your terminal provider. You don't have to do anything!

Day 10

The activation is being finished. Everything is encoded in the Monizze systems.

You can now accept the Monizze card!

Day 20

You receive by post a copy of your contract and our promotional material.

I wish to accept: