The legal framework of the eco voucher

A short overview:

  • The eco voucher is exempt from social charges for both the employer and the employee.
  • It is free of taxes for the employee.
  • The employer can grant a maximum of 250 € per year per employee.
  • Granting eco vouchers must be specified in an individual or collective labor agreement. Monizze can help you with this document.
  • The card is personal and must be issued in the employee’s name.
  • The eco voucher must be used for the purchase of ecological products or services.
  • An ecovoucher is valid for 24 months after its issuance.
  • The employee should be able to check his account balance and the expiry date of the electronic eco vouchers.
  • The electronic eco voucher may under no circumstance incur any costs for the employee, except in the case of loss or theft of the card.
  • The electronic eco voucher can only be issued by an authorised issuer. Monizze has its state license as an issuer of electronic eco voucher since March 17th  2016.

The Royal Decrees are available in our Document Center.