Items you are able to buy with eco vouchers

Eco vouchers can be used to pay for ecological products and services. Mobility, household appliances, interior decoration and exterior design, energy consumption, the possibilities are now increasingly many and various. Discover below what you can buy with the eco-check and make the most of this addition to your purchasing power granted by your employer.

Varied products in your day-to-day life:

Home appliance

All kinds of home appliance with the European A+ label such as fridges, dishwashers, fans or air-conditioning appliances.


Products on which the European ecolabel is visible such as, reloading batteries, eco lamps or paint.

Bio products

All kind of products with the EU logo certifying a biological production, products or restaurants having the bio-warranty such as health products, natural oils, soups, meats, bio fruits and vegetables.


All kinds of garden material without an engine supply (batteries included) such as lawnmowers, robot mowers or every kind of tool such as paw sticks and hoes.


All electric or non-motorized bikes, speed peddles, steps, unicycles, hoverboards, scooters, public transport (not includes home-work subscriptions), all kinds of transports, eco-driving classes, electric plugs in order to reload car batteries or hybrid cars.


All kind of products or services which are specific to water or energy saving, products and services which are specific to building insulation or even products which are working on renewable energy such as high efficiency double glazing, water aerators with flow regulation, high efficiency boilers or photovoltaic/solar panels.

Interior design

Products with the FSC or PEFC label or products on which the European ecolabel is visible such as, televisions, heating pumps, PC, laptops, tablets, furniture, floors, terraces or curtains.

Second hand

All products but not the ones which are having an electric engine, home appliance which are having the European A+ label as well as small home appliance such as clothes, leather wallets, belts, kitchen tools, bread roaster, boilers, electric knives or mixers.

Repaired material

All products which are repaired but does with an engine are not included such as clothes, shoes, home appliance, glasses or electronic devices such as computer accessories.

Re-used Material

Re-used material

Products which are specific to re-use or recycled products or products which are made from recycled products, biodegradable such as lunch boxes, artificial Christmas trees or swaddling cloths which you can wash.



All tourist infrastructure located in Belgium with the label Green Key like, hotels, guest rooms and country residences, parks, locations for events, conferences and attractions like festivals.

Stationery and bookstore

Eco-friendly paper or products made of wood with FSC or PEFC labels such as toys with PEFC labels, pencils or even swaddling cloths.


Eco-friendly products made of wood with the FSC or PEFC label such as, buying wood from a durable exploitation, fuel or even certified pellets.