The meal voucher for the merchant

Your advantages:

  • You increase your turnover by 7%*. 2 billion euros of meal vouchers are used each year in Belgium.
    * According to a study of professor Joep Konings of the KUL.
  • You retain your existing customers and attract new ones. The increasing number of Monizze beneficiaries will be delighted to use their card in your shop or restaurant.
  • You will profit from the extra visibility. You are automatically included in our online search engine and on our mobile application.

Why choose Monizze?

  • You only pay a cost per transaction. This cost is the lowest on the market. No activation fee or no monthly subscription fee. You pay nothing if there is no transaction.
  • The Monizze meal voucher is accepted on the most commonly used terminals.
  • Our community of users is experiencing the largest growth on the market. You probably already have been suggested by them … Turn them into satisfied customers.
  • Monizze offers you free promotion tools in order to be recognised by our users.

You don’t have a terminal?

 Contact us at +32 (0)2/686.16.20, we will help you find a suitable solution!