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The eco vouchers list is expanding

The National Labor Council has updated the list of products and services that can be purchased with eco vouchers. Here is a rundown of the main changes in the list:

What changes:
The European Commission has revised the scale of labels measuring the energy performance of home appliances. The National Labor Council has therefore adapted to this new energy label:
• All electrical appliances that have the European energy label 2021:
– Washing machines, dryers or combis: A
– Dishwashers: ABC
– Fridges, freezers or combis: ABCD
– Screens and televisions: ABCD

• Appliances that do not yet have the new European energy label: only A +, A ++ and A +++

• Stock: selling of available stock only for classes A +, A ++ and A +++ until November 30, 2021

What has been added:
• All seafood products with the MSC logo
• All products with the Ecogarantie logo
• All products with the COSMEBIO logo
• Textile products with the GOTS logo
• Subscriptions and memberships to a collective garden
• The rental of products that meet the same conditions as the purchase of second-hand products