The eco voucher for the employer

Your advantages:

  • You save 53% compared to an equivalent salary increase.
  • The eco voucher is 100% exempt from social charges.
  • You increase your employee’s purchasing power and encourage them to be more environmentally responsible. What is good for their motivation is beneficial for your business.
  • You show yourself as an enviromentally commited company.
  • It gives you an extra argument to attract and retain talented people.
  • The eco voucher may be combined with other extra-legal benefits.

Why choose Monizze?

  • Environmental friendly since its creation, Monizze offers its customers only 100% digital solutions. Help us to save the 416 trees that would otherwise be cut annually to produce the paper eco vouchers.
  • Our ordering tool is simple, fast, efficient and secured. Managing your eco vouchers should not be a hassle!
  • Monizze offers unbeatable prices without sacrificing the quality of the service. Our size and efficiency help us to reduce our costs and allow us to offer sharp prices while keeping an excellent service.
  • Thanks to the good relationship with your social secretary, Monizze was able to implement an efficient ordering tool with “zero admin” for the employer. Over 10,000 companies of all sizes have chosen Monizze. A recent enquiry proves that our client satisfaction is close to 100%.
  • Monizze is a Belgian SME that is part of the international Up Group, the 3rd largest company in the market of prepaid payment services. Monizze meets the requirements of large companies and answers the need for flexibility and efficiency of SME.

The advantages of the electronic format:

  • No more paper: an huge advantage for the environment.
  • Less paper work and saving time: no more distribution of the vouchers.
  • Less costs: a reduction on your administrative costs.
  • No more lost, stolen, expired and forgotten eco vouchers.