The gift voucher for the employer

Your advantages:

  • Any occasion is good enough to celebrate. Whether you want to reward your employees (holiday season, company anniversary, …) or congratulate them on special occasions (wedding, retirement, …), the Monizze gift vouchers are perfect for these occasions.
  • The multi-brand Monizze gift voucher gives your employees the freedom to choose where to spent it.
  • You save up to 65% compared to an equal salary increase.
  • The gift voucher is 100% exempt from social charges.
  • For most occasions, the gift voucher is 100% deductible*.
  • You reward and motivate your employees. Motivated employees are good for the performance of your company.
  • The gift voucher can be combined with other extralegal benefits.

Why choose Monizze?

  • A quick service: our service is the foundation of our customer satisfaction. Check our customer service at 02/891.88.00. No music or endless choice menus!
  • The best price/quality ratio: our pricing based on a fixed price is simple and transparent. No surprise, we do not apply a percentage on the issued value!
  • Simple and fast: our order tool as well as our employer and employee spaces are simple, fast and secure.
  • A three-in-one card: the 3 extralegal benefits; meal, eco and gift are available on the same card. It’s simple and efficient!
  • Secure: the Monizze card is as secure as a regular bank card.
  • The acceptance network: the Monizze card is accepted wherever you want!

The advantages of the electronic format:

  • No more paper: a huge advantage for the environment.
  • Less paper work and more time saving: no more distribution of the gift vouchers.
  • Less costs: reducing your administrative costs.
  • No more lost, stolen, expired and forgotten gift vouchers.


* See legal framework