The meal voucher for the employer

Your advantages:

  • You benefit from a saving of 57% compared to an equivalent salary increase.
  • The meal voucher is 100% exempted from social charges.
  • You fiscally deduct 2 € per meal voucher.
  • You increase the purchasing power and improve the well being of your employees. What is good for their motivation is good for the performance of your company.
  • The meal voucher is also efficient against absenteeism (they receive 1 meal voucher per day worked).
  • It gives you an edge to attract new talents.
  • The meal voucher can be combined with other extralegal benefits.

Why choose Monizze?

  • Managing your meal vouchers should not be a hassle! In order to avoid this we have put in place a simple, fast, efficient and secured ordering tool.
  • Our size and efficiency limit our costs and allow us to offer unbeatable prices without sacrificing the quality of our services.
  • In one year time, our number of customers has more than doubled. More than 10.000 companies of all sizes have chosen Monizze. Our client retention rate is close to 100%.
  • Thanks to the confidence established with your social secretary, Monizze was able to implement an efficient ordering tool with “zero admin” for the employer.
  • Monizze is a Belgian SME incorporated in the UP group, 3rd on the global prepaid voucher market. Monizze meets the need for flexibility and efficiency of an SME as well as the requirements of large companies.