Activ', also known as a sports and culture voucher, is an online booking platform for sports and cultural activities. It represents a modern tool for companies to promote sports and cultural activities to their employees. It also offers a range of youth camps. Finding activities for children can be a real headache for employees during school holidays.
This extra-legal benefit offers a real boost in purchasing power. It also gives beneficiaries access to very attractive rates if they are interested in yearly subscriptions or taking part in other activities.
Activ' is valid for a period of fifteen months, from 1 July of the current year until 30 September of the following year.

The advantages of Activ'


Strengthen ties between your employees and support their mental and physical wellbeing with sports and cultural activities.
Employees with active lifestyles are 12% more productive and take 27% fewer days of sick leave than sedentary employees.
Source: Alberta Centre for Active Living

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On top of access to sports and cultural activities offered by your employer, you will also enjoy the same interesting rates for a range of additional cultural, sports and leisure activities. Find it all on a modern, online booking platform, which you can also connect to on the go, from your smartphone. The days of easily-lost paper vouchers are over.

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Attract new clients with your presence on the Activ’ booking platform.

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A yoga session, a concert, a tennis match or an exhibition…
Choose between a wide and varied range of sports, leisure and cultural activities to help you re-energise.
And why not share the activity with colleagues?


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There is a wide range of options for spending your Activ’ voucher. Over 5.000 sports, cultural and leisure activities and events as well as activities for children are affiliated with the Activ’ network. These include Oxygen Fitness, Body Training Studio, Martin’s Hotels, 20 km de Bruxelles, Air Games, Ecotrail and MuseumPASSmusées, amongst others.


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The Activ’ extra-legal benefit is 100% exempt from social contributions for employers and employees. It is also tax-free to employees.
Employers may allocate up to €100 a year towards sports and culture for their employees.
Activ’ is valid for a period of fifteen months, from 1 July of the current year until 30 September of the following year. Book as soon as possible to obtain the longest possible period of validity for your employees.
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