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Activ’: the 100% Belgian sports and culture vouchers!

Activ, our online platform where employees book sports and cultural activities. Children’s camps too!

With this benefit, your employees get more net purchasing power. They enjoy top offers and discounts for annual subscriptions and many activities. By the way, an employee with an active lifestyle is 12% more productive and 27% less absent.

Key numbers about Activ’ vouchers

Activ’ vouchers are fiscally interesting for both employers and employees, with a very advantageous legal framework for companies!

  • Valid for 15 months
  • Compared to an equivalent salary, you will save 53%
  • Exempt from social contributions for 100%
  • Per year, you can grant up to €100
How much do you save?

What to buy with Activ’ vouchers in Belgium?

Book all kinds of activities immediately with your sports and culture vouchers. Depending on the activity, you also enjoy discounts of 10 to 30%.

The Activ’ platform offers a wide range of sporting, cultural and leisure activities:

  • Sports clubs, group sports and sports events
  • Wellness
  • Culture
  • Children’s camp

Happy and productive employees

Activ’ is valid for 15 months, from the 1st of July of the current year until the 30th of September of the following year. Your employees keep enjoying discounts even when the allocated amount runs out.

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Best value for money

of the market. Our rates are crystal clear. Optimize your cost structure thanks to Monizze!

Fast client service

Enjoy easily accessible and personal client service. You will not hear waiting music or endless menus.

No adminsitration

Say bye-bye to administration and indirect costs. Voucher allocation is 100% automatic!

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All your benefits on the same card. Consult your transactions, balance and so much more via our app and MyMonizze.

Pairi Daiza

Our Activ’ platform: choice of more than 5.000 sports and cultural activities

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Our brochure provides all the info on getting started with Monizze, MyMonizze, our app, the Activ’ platform and so much more.

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A question?

What are Activ’ vouchers?

Activ’, also known as sports and culture voucher, is an online booking platform for sports and cultural activities. With this modern tool, companies encourage their employees to participate in sports and culture.  

This extralegal benefit lets beneficiaries benefit from more net purchasing power and interesting offers for an annual subscription or other activities.  

‘Activ’ is valid for 15 months, from 1 July of the current year to 30 September of the following year.

What are the rules regarding the granting of sports and culture vouchers?

To not be considered as salary, sports and culture vouchers must meet 6 requirements 

  • grant on the basis of a collective or individual employment contract;  
  • maximum of €100 per year;  
  • no cash reimbursement;  
  • issued in the name of the employee or manager;  
  • validity limited to 15 months, from 1 July of the current year to 30 September of the following year;  
  • redeemable only at recognised organisations. 

Are sports and culture vouchers mandatory?

The granting of sports and culture vouchers in Belgium must be defined in a collective or individual employment contract. Such an agreement results from a decision of the employer. There is therefore no obligation to grant them. 

I want to grant Monizze sports and culture vouchers to my employees. How can I become a client?

You can become a Monizze client via this link

What is the value of an Activ’ voucher?

The maximum value for Activ’ vouchers is 100 per year. 

More FAQ’s

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