About Monizze

Our mission


Monizze connecting people and companies by developing management and transaction platforms that contribute to their wellbeing and performance.

Our solutions


The meal voucher


The eco voucher


The gift voucher

Monizze offres the meal voucher, the eco voucher and the gift voucher
on one card.

The Monizze digital solutions are retaining and motivation tools that are efficient and economical. They help you improve the purchasing power of your employees.

Our solutions are supported by Belgian legislation regarding social and fiscal charges and constitute extra-legal benefits that are very popular in Belgium.

Our values


This is reflected in the way we move our boundaries, continuously listen to our customers and partners, are willing to constantly improve ourselves in order to deliver the highest-quality service every day.


This is about the willingness to achieve our goals and overcome our challenges together. Our team spirit thrives in an environment where confidence, mutual respect and an open mind towards others prevail.


This is about always feeling good within Monizze and proudly participating in collective achievements. Each Monizzer’s involvement makes them a convinced ambassador.

Our history

October 2010

Publication of the Royal Decree authorising the issuance of electronic meal vouchers in the Belgian Official Journal.

February 2011

Foundation of Monizze, a FinTech company, by Jean-Louis Van Houwe.

June 2011

Monizze gets its state licence as an issuer of electronic meal vouchers and that same day Colruyt became our first customer.

January 2012

The team is growing and now has 5 "Monizzers".

November 2012

Monizze win the HR Excellence Awards 2012 "One to Watch" prize.

February 2013

More than 500 customers have chosen Monizze and 25.000 beneficiaries are using the Monizze card.

October 2014

The company grows and moves into larger offices.

December 2014

4.000 customers have put their faith in Monizze.

March 2015

Monizze becomes a member of FinTech Belgium and Jean-Louis Van Houwe joins the board. FinTech Belgium is a federation for professionals interested in disruptive business models and new technology for the financial industry.

June 2015

Monizze joins the UP Group.

September 2015

Since 2013, Monizze has grown rapidly and counts 20 “Monizzers”.

December 2015

Publication of the Royal Decree authorizing the issuance of electronic eco vouchers in the Belgian Official Journal.

February 2016

The milestone of 10.000 customers and 200.000 beneficiaries was achieved.

March 2016

Monizze obtains its state license as an issuer of electronic eco vouchers.

April 2016

Monizze becomes the owner of the technology and the merchant contracts of the company European Payment Solutions (EPS), subsidiary company of the holding PayFair.

September 2016

Monizze launches its 3-in-1 card that contains the 3 extralegal benefits (the meal, eco and gift voucher).

October 2016

Monizze wins 5th place at Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

November 2016

Monizze win the HR Excellence Awards 2016 "Best Employee Benefits Company" price.

January 2017

Monizze gets the 8th place at the Trends Gazelles in the small companies of Brussels category.

October 2018

Jean-Louis Van Houwe, founder and CEO of Monizze becomes president of FinTech Belgium.

December 2018

The team of 40 Monizzers simplifies the daily lives of 25.000 employers, 250.000 users and 20.000 merchants in Belgium.

January 2019

Monizze keeps growing and wins the 3rd place at the Trends Gazelles in the small companies of Brussels category.