The Monizze app simplifies your day-to-day life!

Find out what the app features do

Enjoy all the features the Monizze app offers by activating the permissions. You can change your options at any time in the app using the tab with the wheel symbol.

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Receive a notification when you receive your vouchers

With the Monizze notifications, you are told when you receive your vouchers. To set this, don’t forget to activate the notifications.

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Book and pay for your activities online

Have you received Monizze sport and culture or Consumption Vouchers from your employer? You then have access to the online booking platform for sports, cultural, leisure activities and youth camps. You benefit from discounts ranging from 10 to 30% on all activities.

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Order and pay your meals

You can order and pay for your lunch using your meal vouchers by clicking the blue button “Order to eat” on the homepage.

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Receive personalised recommendations

You need some inspiration or where to eat tonight? The Monizze app recommends you new places to discover based on your tastes and preferences. The recommendations are displayed on the homepage.

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Enter your culinary preferences

The recommendations on the homepage will consider your culinary preferences into account. Enter them using the tab with the wheel symbol.

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Refine your merchant search

With the “Filter” function on the interactive map, you can refine your search by type of business. Click the orange “Filter” button and select the type of merchant you want.


View your balance and most recent transactions

With a single click on the Monizze app homepage, view your account balance at a glance. Click the balance to instantly view your last ten transactions.


Block your card with a single click

Lost or stolen card? Don’t panic: just block it using the tab with the wheel symbol.


Check you voucher use-by date

At any time, check your voucher validity by clicking the tab with the card symbol and then the arrow to the right of the balance.


Find a merchant near you

Use the app’s interactive map to find a merchant near you which accepts your Monizze card. To get access to it, just click the tab with the magnifying glass symbol. By activating location, you will automatically be put in the right place on the map.


Suggest a merchant which does not yet accept the Monizze card

Does your favourite merchant not yet accept the Monizze card? Suggest a merchant to us and we will contact them and convince them to accept the Monizze card as a payment method. The merchants are shown in grey on the interactive map.


Save your favourites

Favourites are very useful for memorising the merchants you like. Once on a merchant’s profile, save it in your favourites by clicking the asterisk in the top left corner.