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For the self-employed business owners:

The 4-in-1 pack, up to €2150 extra purchasing power per year

Wondering how to increase your income while minimising the impact your tax base? The 4-in-1 pack is the best product on the market for you to easily optimise your income. Talk to your accountant about it!

The 4-in-1 pack in a nutshell

The 100% digital solution for maximum purchasing power and tax optimisation without administration:

  • Annual meal vouchers up to € 1760
  • Annual eco vouchers up to € 250
  • Annual gift vouchers up to € 40
  • Annual Activ’ vouchers up to € 100
How much do you save?

The 4-in-1 pack, specially for the self-employed business owners

100% exempt from social security charges


Up to € 1760 per year in meal vouchers

Grant yourself up to €8 per day worked. Use it to buy your meals in big supermarkets and convenience stores. Or fancy going out for an evening at a restaurant?


Up to €250 per year in eco vouchers

Use it to buy your eco-friendly products and services. Think organic food, plants to brighten up your home, or electrical appliances with the European energy label.


Up to €40 per year in gift vouchers

Treat yourself to that sauna you never booked, a good book or a moment all to yourself at the cinema. So lovely, these gift vouchers!


Up to €100 per year in Activ’ sports and culture vouchers

To book various sports, wellness and cultural activities. From festivals and concerts to yoga sessions!

What are self-employed business owners saying about the 4-in-1 pack?

The vouchers are very user-friendly.


The financial benefits of the vouchers convinced me. They’re a breeze to use, especially for self-employed business owners like myself.


My accountant highly recommends them due to their tax advantages. So I ordered them and it was really easy!


Why is this pack advantageous for self-employed business owners?

The 4-in-1 pack is:

  • An additional benefit you grant yourself on top of your income
  • Your purchasing power maximised in a fiscally advantageous way
  • 100% exempt from social security contributions, gross = net
  • An extra budget for more freedom and flexibility

Why do self-employed business owners choose Monizze?

Here are all the why’s

Best value for money

of the market

Excellent client service

without waiting music and selection menus

No paperwork

It’s 100% automated

An extensive network

Retailers, major brands and webshops

One payment card

with the four types of vouchers

MyMonizze user area

Simple and secure


with discounts to maximise the purchasing power

Save 57%

compared to an equivalent salary

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