Save -57% compared to an equivalent salary!

The meal voucher is 100% exempt from social contributions.

Electronic meal vouchers are an additional purchasing power and fiscally attractive. Since 2007, independants can also grant themselves meal vouchers!

Key numbers about meal vouchers

Meal vouchers are fiscally interesting for both employers and employees, with a very advantageous legal framework for companies!

  • Valid for 1 year
  • Compared to an equivalent salary, you will save 57%
  • Exempt from social contributions for 100%
  • Per day worked up to €8
  • Fiscally deductible per meal voucher €2
How much do you save?
a year

Inflation too high?

Increase the purchasing power and improve the well-being of your employees. Electronic meal vouchers are the cheapest way to give up to €168 net per month in purchasing power. Optimize your cost structure thanks to our clear and transparent rates.

Meal vouchers are hot in Belgium!

3 million workers pay for their food with meal vouchers. Your employees too?
  • 85% of employers recommend meal vouchers
  • For 65% of young workers, they are decisive in choosing an employer
  • Meal vouchers ensure motivated employees who boost efficiency
  • They make you an attractive employer with an extra asset on top of the salary

55.000 companies choose Monizze

Here are all the why’s

Best value for money

of the market. Our rates are crystal clear. Optimize your cost structure thanks to Monizze!

A problem?

Enjoy easily accessible and personal client service. You will not hear waiting music or endless menus.

No paperwork

Say bye-bye to administration and indirect costs. Voucher allocation is 100% automatic!

4-in-1 Monizze card

All your benefits on the same card. Consult your transactions, balance and so much more via our app and MyMonizze.

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Our vouchers are widely accepted by tens of thousands of merchants

What to buy in Belgium with meal vouchers?

With meal vouchers, you enjoy a good restaurant, order food at home, shop at the supermarket or in local shops. There is something for everyone:
  • Retailers
  • Local shops (bakkeries, butchers, …)
  • Bioshops
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Chains (such as fast food chains, for example)
  • And so much more!

Discover our meal vouchers brochure

Our brochure provides all the info on getting started with Monizze, MyMonizze, our app, Dealzz and so much more.

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A question?

Who is entitled to meal vouchers?

Everyone with an employment contract that mentions the granting of meal vouchers. The same therefore applies to certain categories of workers, such as:  

  • Job students  
  • Trainees paid under an employment contract  
  • Teleworkers  
  • Employees with a special status  

However, volunteers, who by definition are not paid and are not bound by an employment contract, are not entitled to this extralegal benefit. 

How can I order Monizze meal vouchers?

Ordering Monizze meal vouchers can be done in two ways:  

  1. Through your social secretariat: you let your social secretariat order meal vouchers from Monizze. Contact your social secretariat to receive more information about this. 
  2. Via the Monizze client area: you order your meal vouchers yourself via our client area

Not yet a Monizze client? Then first follow the instructions via this link to open your client account at Monizze.  

Can I grant myself meal vouchers as a self-employed business manager?

Since 1 January 2007, self-employed business managers may grant themselves meal vouchers under certain conditions:  

  • The number of meal vouchers granted must correspond to the number of days on which the self-employed business manager actually worked. No more days may be contributed than the maximum number of days a full-time employee may work in the company concerned.  
  • A self-employed manager who hires staff may only grant himself meal vouchers if his employees also receive them. The meal vouchers granted to the self-employed manager may not have a higher value than that of his employees.  

Attention: small self-employed persons and members of a liberal profession cannot get meal vouchers because the legal form of the self-employed person must explicitly be a company.  

Find more information here.

Do full-time and part-time employees get the same amount of meal vouchers?

The legislation on meal vouchers in Belgium stipulates that employees within the same category, i.e. with the same working regime, must receive meal vouchers with the same nominal value. This is to avoid arbitrary discrimination. 

Employers who want to grant meal vouchers with a different nominal value to different employee categories must do so in an objective manner. According to this rule, the agreement that establishes this extralegal benefit may include different amounts depending on the status of the employee (full-time or part-time).  

Attention: if objectivity seems questionable, it is best to seek advice from the NSSO (National Social Security Office).  

Meal vouchers are usually granted on the basis of the number of days or hours worked. A part-time employee will therefore logically receive less meal vouchers than a full-time employee.  

Can meal vouchers be granted retroactively?

Granting meal vouchers retroactively is not recommended and is only possible if there is a rectification. If too many or too few meal vouchers were granted, this can be rectified the following month.

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