Eco vouchers for the purchase of ecological products and services

As an employee, you enjoy additional net purchasing power up to €250 a year.

We have an extensive network. With eco vouchers, you can buy electrical appliances with the European energy label, rechargeable batteries and ecological light bulbs. You can also buy products for your garden with eco vouchers, or even products that generate renewable energy such as solar heat pumps. And so much more!

How to use eco vouchers?

  • Eco vouchers are used to pay for eco-friendly products
  • Eco vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of issue
  • You can check the balance and validity of your eco vouchers at any time via our app or MyMonizze

What to buy with eco vouchers in shops?

The possibilities are endless, from the bike shop in your neighborhood to the supermarket around the corner.

You can use eco vouchers to pay for rechargeable batteries, home appliances electric bikes, eco-friendly wood furniture, renewable energy installations, and other energy-efficient products and services.

What to buy with eco vouchers online?

Shop with your eco vouchers at all our Belgian online partners. Select ‘Monizze’ when paying online on our partners’ websites. Enter your Monizze username and password.

Pay online with your digital eco vouchers at various webshops!

per year

Extra net purchasing power

Receive up to 250€ in eco vouchers per year from your employer. Eco vouchers are 100% exempt from social contributions. The eco vouchers list of ecological products and services is drawn up by the National Labour Council (NAR).
As Adventure

Our vouchers are widely accepted by tens of thousands of merchants

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The advantages
of MyMonizze

  • Easily consult your balance, recent transactions and the expiry date of your vouchers
  • A user-friendly and secure personal space
  • Available as an app (iOS and Android)
  • Save even more money thanks to our many discount codes
  • You can reach our customer service from Monday to Saturday

55.000 companies choose Monizze

Here are all the why’s

Fast service

Enjoy an easily accessible and personal customer service. You will not hear waiting music or endless menus.

4-in-1 Monizze card

All your benefits on the same card. Consult your transactions, balance and so much more via our app and MyMonizze.

MyMonizze user area

Our employee platform is fast, simple and secure. Check your balance, expiry dates and transactions.

Our network

More than 36.000 merchants accept our vouchers. You can use our interactive map to find them.

Discover our eco vouchers brochure

Our brochure provides all the info on getting started with Monizze, MyMonizze, our app, Dealzz and so much more.

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A question?

How long are eco vouchers valid?

 Eco-vouchers have a legal validity of 2 years. 

Where can I pay with Monizze eco-vouchers?

Discover our offline network here.

Discover our online network here.

Discover our Dealzz platform.

What can I buy with eco-vouchers?

Eco-vouchers can only be used to purchase ecological products or services. The National Labour Council (NAR) draws up the list of products and services that can be bought with eco-vouchers.      

Monizze eco-vouchers are accepted in a large network of large chains, as well as in local shops. In addition, you can also use the eco-voucher to pay online for purchases at various online shops.   

 Discover our offline network here.

Discover our online network here.

How will I be informed when my vouchers are charged?

As soon as vouchers are charged on your Monizze account, you will receive a confirmation via email (if your email address is added in your MyMonizze account) and/or SMS (depending on your employer’s choice).   

How can I activate my Monizze card?

You can activate your Monizze card in 3 ways:   

  • Activation via the mobile app: download the Monizze app and click on “I activate my card”. Fill in the requested fields. You will receive an e-mail with a link to set your password. You can now login with your e-mail address and new password.
  • Activation via “MyMonizze”: surf to and click on “Activate your card online”. Fill in the requested fields. You will receive an e-mail with a link to set your password. You can now login with your e-mail address and new password.
  • Activation via SMS: send the activation code mentioned in the accompanying letter to the 8844. You will then receive an activation confirmation via SMS and a password to log in to your Monizze account.   

Do you already have a Monizze-account? You can activate your new card via the mobile app:

  1. Go to the Hub and click on “Cards”
  2. Click on “Activate my card”
  3. Fill in your card number and e-mail address
  4. Confirm your card activation via the e-mail you’ll receive
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