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Gift vouchers that everyone loves to unwrap!

Whether it is recognition for hard work, a birthday or a Christmas present – with our gift vouchers, your employees choose from countless gifts.

With gift vouchers, employers enjoy tax benefits, while employees enjoy the freedom to choose their gifts.

What are gift vouchers?

With Monizze gift vouchers, you will please your employees for any occasion. It is a unique and versatile way to reward your team.

Why give a gift voucher?
  • Give employees the freedom to choose their gift themselves from a range of options
  • 100% exempt from social charges so you too can enjoy the gift

What gift are you gifting soon?

Gift vouchers: the perfect attention for every moment


€40 per year of service, with a minimum of €120 and a maximum of €1000


Up to €245

Declaration of legal cohabitation

Up to €245

Seniority bonus

After 25 years of service: 1 time the amount equivalent to the gross monthly salary

Seniority bonus

After 35 years of service: 2 times the amount equivalent to the gross monthly salary

Special occasions such as births

Up to €50

Saint Nicholas, Christmas and New Year

€40 per employee + €40 per child per year

Honourable award

Up to €120

Key numbers about gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are fiscally interesting for both employers and employees, with a very advantageous legal framework for companies!

  • How long is a gift voucher valid? 1 year
  • Compared to an equivalent salary, you will save 65%
  • Exempt from scoial contributions for 100%
  • An annual budget for the end-of-year festivities up to €40
How much do you save?

What to buy with gift vouchers?

Your employees use gift vouchers to purchase a wide range of products and activities, for any purpose. And we really mean anything! Relaxation? Check. Well-being? Double-check!
Some gift ideas:
  • Toys, games and game consoles
  • Perfumes, body and facial care
  • Tablet, headphones, camera and accessories
  • Kitchen appliances and household products
  • Museum visit, cinema ticket and amusement park
And so much more!

Can I grant myself gift vouchers as a self-employed business owner? Yes, definitely!

Why choose Monizze gift vouchers?

Here are all the why’s

Best value for money

of the market. Our rates are crystal clear. Optimize your cost structure thanks to Monizze!

Fast client service

Enjoy easily accessible and personal client service. You will not hear waiting music or endless menus.

No administration

Say bye-bye to administration and indirect costs. Voucher allocation is 100% automatic!

4-in-1 Monizze card

All the benefits on the same card. Your employees consult their transactions, balance and so much more via our app and MyMonizze.

Order gift vouchers in less than 5 minutes

Time is precious, but appreciation is endless and that is what we want to help you with. With Monizze, you order gift vouchers for your employees effortlessly and quickly. All in less than 5 minutes!

Why waste time on complex processes when expressing appreciation can be simple? At Monizze, we answer you within 3 ring tones if you have a question or problem. Really, just give us a call!

How to order vouchers in my client area?

Where to use gift vouchers? At tens of thousands of merchants!

Discover our gift vouchers brochure

Our brochure provides all the info on getting started with Monizze, MyMonizze, our app, Dealzz and so much more.

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A question?

I want to grant Monizze gift vouchers to my employees. How can I become a client?

You can become a Monizze client via this link

Can I grant myself gift vouchers as a self-employed business manager?

A self-employed business manager may grant gift vouchers to himself. As a self-employed business leader, you must comply with the legal maximum amounts when ordering gift vouchers.

Find more information here.

How can I order Monizze gift vouchers?

You can order Monizze gift vouchers via our client area.   

Are you not yet a Monizze client? Then first follow the instructions via this link to open your client account at Monizze. 

Who can benefit from gift vouchers?

The benefit is subject to the principle of equality within the company. Under no circumstances can it be used as a means of pressure or punishment. The following employees may be entitled to these vouchers:  

  • Employees, regardless of their hierarchical position, seniority and level of skills.  
  • Company managers, as with employees, once they have entered into an employment contract.  
  • Trainees, who as required by law should have access to the same social and cultural activities as employees.  
  • Clients, to thank them in this way, as long as it is done in the interest of the company and in compliance with the legal limit of VAT.  Vouchers with an amount below €125 are 100% deductible and exempt from taxes for the beneficiary. For higher amounts, vouchers are 50% deductible, and the beneficiary has to pay taxes on them.

Are gift vouchers mandatory?

The name gives it away: a gift voucher is a fully-fledged gift and therefore cannot be made mandatory by any agreement. It is granted entirely on the employer’s own initiative. The granting cannot be formalised in an employment contract or collective agreement.  

However, an employer who decides to give a gift voucher to his employees does have two special obligations 

  1. Principle of non-discrimination 

The benefit must be granted to all employees of the company, regardless of:  

  • their age,  
  • their gender,  
  • their religious beliefs,  
  • their membership of a political party or trade union.  

If this principle of non-discrimination is violated, the company concerned may be punished by law.  

  1. Compliance with the legal threshold 

To benefit from the social and tax exemption, the amount of benefits in the form of gift vouchers must not exceed the maximum amounts. These maximum amounts are set according to the occasion for which the gift voucher is offered:  

  • Saint Nicholas, Christmas and New Year: €40 per employee + €40 per child  
  • Honourable award: € 120  
  • Retirement: € 40 per year of service, with a minimum of € 120 and a maximum of € 1,000  
  • Marriage or declaration of legal cohabitation: €245  
  • Seniority bonus after 25 years of service: 1 time the gross monthly salary  
  • Seniority bonus after 35 years of service: 2 times the gross monthly salary  
  • Special occasions: maximum €50 
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