Accept the corona premium: a boost to relaunch
your business!

The corona premium is a governmental measure related to the wage norm negotiations. The premium is issued to employees by the employer as a one off bonus of maximum 500€, in the form of consumption vouchers. These vouchers are valid until 31/12/2022 and can only be spent in Belgium. They therefore represent a sum of money guaranteed to benefit the local economy! Why not take advantage of this nice opportunity to boost your business?

Accept Monizze’s corona premium!

The corona premium can be spent in all types of businesses:

Retail stores, no matter their size, as long as the sale happens within the commercial establishment (online stores are therefore not eligible)

Contact professions (hair and beauty salons, tattoo and massage parlors,…)

Wellness centers (saunas, jacuzzi, tanning centers,…)

The horeca sector

The cultural sector (cinemas and all other recognized or subsidized cultural establishments)

Tourist attractions

The sport sector (swimming pools, bowling alleys, fitness centers and any sport association attached to a recognized or subsidized federation)

What if people spent it in your business?

Accept Monizze's corona premium!

Why accept Monizze's electronic corona premium?

Simplicity and security

Monizze is the only 100% digital player offering the corona premium. Our electronic solution is very simple to use, both for your clients and for you: your payment terminal is activated remotely, and your clients can use their Monizze card to pay just like they would with a debit card. The transaction is completely secure. Our little extra? There is no risk to lose or damage the vouchers you receive, unlike with a paper format.

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No fee if there is no transaction

You do not have to pay any fee to start accepting the corona premium. The only costs for you are calculated based on actual transactions. If there is no transaction, you do not have to pay anything!

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Visibility and loyalty

Accepting the corona premium is also an opportunity to gain visibility within our network of more than 450,000 Monizze beneficiaries. Moreover, you will boost your clients’ loyalty by offering them one more reason to prefer your business over others. It would be a shame for your customers not to be able to spend their €500 in your shop and to miss the chance to support one of their favorite merchants!

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