Ideas for sport, leisure and culture

The Activ’ platform offers access to a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities as well as courses and activities for children. You can even book tickets to sports events. You’ll be sure to find something for you. Below, you can find some ideas for spending your Activ’ benefit and making the most of your extra purchasing power.
If you want, you can trade up and take out an annual subscription, or book other activities at unbeatable prices.

Sports clubs

It can be difficult to find the motivation to do sport by yourself. Why not try training with your colleagues or friends to help get you going? Beyond motivation, doing sport with other people strengthens social ties and enhances your sense of wellbeing.
Sign up to one of our partner sports clubs with your colleagues and make a date to get active during after hours!

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Sport with other people

Do you share a love of tennis, badminton, hockey, volleyball, basketball or football with your colleagues? You’re in luck! The Activ’ platform offers you plenty of options to get active with other people. So get all your colleagues together pronto, and book a session together.
It’s no secret: sport is good for your physical and mental health!

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Sports events

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or exercise is a more occasional activity, many of you would like to take up a personal athletic challenge. From the 20 km of Brussels, through the Air Games, the City Run or even triathlons, there are many sports events in Belgium or overseas where you can test your limits. 3… 2… 1… And you’re off! Take the leap, and sign up for your next sports challenge on the Activ’ platform.

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We all know that sport gives us an incredible feeling of wellbeing. But sport isn’t the only thing you can do to take care of your body and mind.
Get a massage, pamper yourself at the spa, enjoy a facial or other relaxing treatments which can also give you a feeling of wellbeing.
Set aside some time to relax in one of our partners’ wellbeing centres to recharge your batteries.

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Your Activ’ benefit gives you access to a wide range of cultural activities. Reading, museums, concerts, zoos or theme parks… There’s plenty to keep you entertained, to dive deeper into one of your interests, or to enjoy the pleasure of a cultural discovery! These activities will boost your creativity. Make the most of them and of your free time with leisure activities and cultural outings!

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Children’s activities

School holidays can be a real headache for parents. Courses and activities for your children are often the solution to keep your little ones busy. They can develop skills while having fun! Sports, nature, cooking, DIY, … there’s something for everyone. Discover all the different activities on one platform. Thanks to Activ’, finding and booking your child’s next activity has never been so easy!

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But that’s not all!

Have you already used up your annual Activ’ budget? Nothing is stopping you from continuing to use the Activ’ platform! Why? You’ll have access to unbeatable rates for all cultural, sports and leisure activities on the platform. You can even trade up and treat yourself to a yearly subscription at your sports club. Thanks to the Activ’ platform, you can make your money go even further. Make the most of it!

Where can you use your Activ’ benefit?

Now that you are aware of everything you can buy with your Activ’ benefit, you must be asking yourself where you can spend it. Discover the entire Activ’ acceptance network, everywhere in Belgium.