Activ’ for the merchant

Your advantages:

  • The Activ’ platform connects your organisation to over 350.000 employees who receive up to €100 net to spend on sports or cultural activities.
  • Boost your turnover while raising your brand awareness.
  • Attract new customers to your business and create customer loyalty.


Why choose the Activ’ platform of Monizze?

  • No activation fees or monthly subscriptions. You only pay a commission for each transaction at a great price.
  • The booking process is automatic. You are therefore not burdened with any additional administrative work.
  • Payments are made remotely; you don’t have to do anything. You are reimbursed at the end of the month. There’s no waiting around, stress or having to do calculations when you’re taking payments, and gone are the days of damaged, lost or stolen vouchers.