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Buying in short supply chains with meal vouchers and eco vouchers? The idea is progressing…

At the Foire de Libramont, the Walloon Agricultural Federation (WAF) announced that it would be working with issuers of meal vouchers and eco vouchers, including Monizze, so that the vouchers could be used at farms which make direct sales.


In principle, it is now possible to use meal vouchers at farms to pay for any food produce, and use eco vouchers to pay for bio produce, but the farms have hardly any payment terminals. The WAF is actively working to release these logistic brakes. It is going to launch a “recruitment” campaign for any interested producers in the coming weeks, and will support them as they install systems and get them up and running.


The Walloon Agricultural Federation would also like it to be possible to use eco vouchers to buy local produce. The WAF is advertising the benefits of the short supply chains for the environment:

  • To reduce the extent to which each product is transported
  • To reduce packaging
  • To reduce quantities of unsold products, just thrown away
  • To reduce energy used for product conservation
  • To sustain eco-friendly buying
  • Not to mention the positive impact of farm buying socially, territorially and economically



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