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As an employer support the Belgian economy. Order your Consumption Vouchers before the 30th of June.

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Consumption Vouchers, a welcome boost for the Belgian economy

Good for your employees
Give your employees up to €300 of additional purchasing power. Another benefit: for your employees this welcome bonus is free of income tax.

And Monizze offers yet another benefit: the Consumption Vouchers, also known as horeca vouchers give your employees automatic access to Monizze’s Activ’ network with numerous discounts on sports, culture and leisure activities. Even when they have spent their vouchers, they will continue to benefit from all offers on this network until the 31st of December 2021.

Good for the local economy
The Belgian economy deserves our support. By ordering those solidarity vouchers you are helping the hard-hit local shops, the sports industry, the cultural sector and the horeca businesses that were forced to close for at least 1 month.


You’re a merchant yourself? Accept the Monizze vouchers without activation cost.



Good for you
Consumption Vouchers are 100% deductible and exempt from social charges.

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Only Monizze markets electronic Consumption Vouchers

Monizze gives high priority to safety, hygiene and user-friendliness. That is why Monizze resolutely opts for electronic vouchers. Hygiene assured because issuer, employers and shop owners do not touch the practical Monizze payment card. Incidentally, due to the Covid-19 pandemic a growing number of pubs and restaurants only accept electronic payments.

Acceptance guarantee for Monizze Consumption Vouchers of €300

The payment terminals of the Monizze network are already Consumption Voucher-proof. In other words, employers can be certain that merchants will accept the vouchers without problem.

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  • One-off grant of up to €300.
  • Can be combined with other fringe benefits: Meal vouchers, Eco vouchers, Gift vouchers, Activ’
  • Available for order until the 30th of June 2021 and valid until the 31st of December 2021.

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Monizze makes things extra easy for you.
Order your Consumption Vouchers in just a few clicks.

Order your Consumption Vouchers here or via your Customer Zone.

The consumption vouchers had to be ordered by December 31st 2020 at the latest. Companies in the healthcare sector can still order them until June 30, 2021.

Quick to put in place

Within three days of payment the Consumption Vouchers are added to your employees’ Monizze card. No more red tape to get paper vouchers to your employees. With the new way of working this involves a lot less administration.

You’re already a customer? Then the Consumption Voucher is directly added to your employees’ Monizze card.

100% electronic

Monizze is the only Belgian supplier to market electronic Consumption Vouchers. This is not just easier and safer in these Covid-19 times but it is also more practical because everything is added to a single card: Meal, Eco, Gift and Consumption Voucher.

Moreover, there is no risk of loss or manipulation and there are no additional shipping costs.

Extensive acceptance network

Monizze boasts an extensive network of local businesses with a Monizze-compatible payment terminal. If an establishment is eligible for the Consumption Voucher then acceptance of the Monizze Voucher is automatically guaranteed.

Don’t forget to draw up an agreement with your employees.

Here, too, Monizze will be happy to assist you.
Click here to download a template of an individual agreement.
Click here to download a template of a collective agreement.


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