The electronic corona premium by Monizze

Companies that have recorded good results during the COVID-19 crisis will be able to grant their employees an exceptional “corona premium” of up to €500 net. This bonus is issued as consumption vouchers. The advantageous legal framework surrounding this measure reduces salary costs for the employer. The corona premium can be spent in most shops, in the catering and hospitality industry, in the wellness, sport and cultural sectors and for services from “contact professions.” You can already order the electronic version of the corona premium from Monizze!

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The corona premium is:

  • A unique bonus issued as consumption vouchers
  • Up to € 500 of extra purchasing power for your employees
  • An employer contributon limited to 16.5%
  • A way to support the local economy
  • An amount of money that is 100% tax-deductible

The corona premium can currently be ordered, and will be available until the 31st of December 2021. It will stay valid until the 31st of December 2022.

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The advantages of Monizze

Monizze offers the corona premium in a 100% electronic format. This presents numerous advantages.

Ease of use, without risks of damaged or lost vouchers

If your employees have already received consumption or other Monizze vouchers, they can keep using the same card to spend their corona premium.

The guarantee of an extended network: all payment terminals, that are part of the usual Monizze network, are already compatible with the corona premium.

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Where can your employees
spend the corona premium?

The corona premium can be spent in all types of shops, no matter their size, as long as they are brick and mortar shops. It is also possible to pay for repair services with the corona premium, as long as the consumer brings the objects to the repairperson’s store to have them repaired.

Your employees can also spend their corona premium in the sectors of catering and hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars,…), culture (cinemas and recognized or subsidized cultural establishments), wellness (saunas, tanning centers, hammams,…) and sport (fitness centers, swimming pools, bowling alleys and organisations part of a recognized or subsidized federation.)

It is also possible to spend one’s corona premium in exchange for services from independents in contact professions (beauty and hair salons, tattoo, piercing and massage parlors,…)

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