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Covid-19: The validity of meal, eco and gift vouchers extended by 6 months!

The exceptional and temporary measures taken by the Belgian government concerning the crisis caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have led to the closure of many merchants and restaurants.

These closures make it difficult for employees to spend meal vouchers, eco vouchers and / or gift vouchers that are about to expire.

Therefore, the National Labor Council, in immediate cooperation with VIA, the federation of check issuers/publishers, of which Monizze is a part, has submitted an application to the government to, in this exceptional case, extend the validity date of the meal, eco and gift vouchers.


Good news!

Tomorrow the Council of Ministers will confirm the extension of the validity period of the eco vouchers, meal vouchers and gift vouchers. Vouchers that expire between March the 1th and June the 30th 2020 will be extended by 6 months. This decision has yet to be approved by the Council of State.

Our users, whose vouchers would expire during that period, will also be notified by Monizze via email when the Council of State has approved this decision.


This is great news for the purchasing power for our Monizze users and our partners! Moreover, as the vouchers can only be used in Belgium, this extension will be an asset for the revival of the economic machine.