The legal framework of the eco voucher

Granted with the salary, eco vouchers in Belgium are governed by a legislation. This structures several aspects of their use: the conditions of granting, the amounts, validity, acceptable products, … To help you understand them better, here is a quick run-through of the main elements concerning the regulations on eco vouchers.


The tax benefits

Eco vouchers feature among the extra-legal benefits that employers may grant their employees. Given their special status they therefore enjoy attractive tax benefits for both parties:

Conditions of granting

The legislation on eco vouchers is clear: granting is not obligatory in enterprises. The employer is free to decide either way. If he does decide to grant them, he must respect certain conditions:

  • The granting of ecological vouchers and the choice of electronic format must be laid down in an individual or collective labour agreement. Monizze can guide you through this step.
  • The employer may not grant more than €250 per year per employee.
  • The vouchers must be issued in the name of the employee.


Electronic eco vouchers

The regulations on eco vouchers authorize granting this benefit in the form of an electronic card. in that case, certain rules must be respected:

  • The provision of the electronic eco voucher may not involve costs for the employee, except in case of theft or loss of the card.
  • The electronic eco voucher must be issued only by an approved issuer. Monizze has held its State Licence as an issuer of electronic eco vouchers since 17 March 2016.


What can you buy with eco vouchers?

The use of eco vouchers is also part of the aspects regulated by the legislation:

  • The ecological voucher must be used to pay for products that respect the environment.
  • It is valid for 24 months after issue.
  • The employee must be able to consult the balance and the duration of validity of his/her eco vouchers at any time.

Still wondering how to use them to best account? Discover what you may buy with your eco vouchers and take the most out of them!

To find out more about the legislation on eco vouchers in Belgium, the Royal Decrees are available in their entirety in our Document Center tab.