Accept the Monizze card

Providing a diversity of payments to your customers is certainly one of the main standards to improve their buying experience and so their loyalty. And when this diversity also allows them to take advantage of their extra-legal benefits, you have all the cards in hand to make them happy customers. But how to make the payment with the Monizze card accessible in your business?


What do I have to do in order to accept the Monizze card?

For this, nothing simpler nor faster. If the goods you sell are eligible for meal vouchers, eco vouchers or gift vouchers, the process available on the link will take you only 5 minutes. You just have to fill in the different information concerning your business in the form to the right and confirm it.

You can also send us one of the affiliation contracts that can be downloaded on our Document Center and send it us back, duly filled in, at


Which terminals accept the Monizze card?

The Monizze card is accepted on almost all the existing terminals. They just have to be configured remotely, which we settle with the provider of your payment terminal. You don’t have to do anything.


What is the cost in order to accept the Monizze?

The cost to accept the Monizze card in your business are limited. Indeed, you don’t have any activation fee. You won’t pay a subscription either. We only take a percentage on the transaction, namely:

  • For the meal vouchers: 1% of the amount with a minimum of € 0,045
  • For the eco vouchers: 2,75% of the amount
  • For the gift vouchers: 2,75% of the amount

So, you won’t pay anything as long as you haven’t completed any transaction in your business with this payment method.


How to verify if Monizze is activated on my terminal?

Within 7 days after your affiliation, your payment terminal is automatically and remotely activated by its provider. Within 10 days, we take care of finalizing the activation. You can now accept the Monizze card. If an issue comes up, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to the address or by calling us at +32 (0)2/686.16.20.

Within 20 days, you’ll receive by post a copy of your contract and our promotional material.


You cannot find an answer to your question about the acceptation of the Monizze card in your business? Contact us.