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Would you like to order the extra-legal benefits Meal, Eco, Gift, Activ’ and/or Consumption for your employees? Nothing could be easier with the Monizze Client Area!


How can I order Monizze cards?

To order your Monizze cards, simply go to your Client Area. This can then be done manually or by downloading a standardized order Excel file:

  • Manual option: in the « Employees » tab, click on « Add employee » and follow the insctructions. You can either end the operation by pressing « Confirm » or order others by pressing « Add another card ». You must add a card for each employee.
  • Download option: in the « Order » tab, select an advantage and click on « Import file ». By following the download link, you receive a standardized order file in which you can fill in the fields indicated in yellow. Once this is completed, import it into your Client Area. You will also have a summary of your cards you will be able to confirm with the appropriate button.


You can check the order of your Monizze cards at any time through your Customer Area. To do this, go to the « Employees » tab and then click on « Card production info ». You will find the production date of your cards.


Do I have to order one card per product?

The Monizze card is a « multi-solutions » card: meal vouchers, eco vouchers, gift vouchers and consumption vouchers are loaded on the same card. Therefore, it is not necessary to order a new one if you already have one of our solutions and want to add a new one.

The card order is not made per product, but only per employee.

For the Activ’ benefit, you do not need a Monizze card. Your employees have access to their benefit via the Activ’ online platform.


What is the delivery time of the cards and at which address are they sent?

After the order, the card will be sent to the address of your company. If you want the card to be sent to your employee’s address, you must explicitly request it. The cards are delivered within ten working days.


What is the time required to load the vouchers on the accounts?

Upon receipt of your payment, the Monizze accounts of your employees are loaded within 48 hours.



You cannot find an answer to your question about the order of your Monizze cards? Contact us.