My visibility

In order to satisfy your Monizze customers, it is essential to communicate/announce clearly that you accepts this payment method. How can you make this visible enough? And which advantages in terms of visibility do you gain in getting affiliated to Monizze?


How can I tell my customers that I accept Monizze?

As soon as we have settled the activation of your payment terminal (for the Meal, Eco, Gift and Consumption benefits), we send you promotional material by post. These various stickers that you can put on the shop window of your business, on your terminal payment or near your cash register ensure the users of our card to identify you clearly as one of our affiliates.

With regard to the Activ’ benefit, after having joined you are directly listed on the Activ’ platform.

We also add your business in our web search engine and in our mobile application (available on iOS and Android).


How can I get promotional material?

You can’t find the promotional material sent after your affiliation or you need additional stickers? You can ask us at any time by e-mail at the address


How to increase my visibility thanks to Monizze?

By accepting the payment by Monizze card in your business, you agree to be part of our various marketing campaigns. This way we can show your business as being part of our acceptance network, whether it is on our website, on our application or in all other communication campaigns. Those actions will also benefit you by ensuring a visibility and popularity among our clients.



You cannot find an answer to your question about the visibility of your affiliation to Monizze? Contact us.