The acceptance network

The Monizze card aims to increase your purchasing power in an advantageous way. Food, ecological products or other products that can be a gift from your employer, there are many possibilities, mainly thanks to the extent of our acceptance network. Which merchants accept your card? In which shops is Monizze accepted as a means of payment?


How can I find a merchant which accepts the Monizze card?

Currently, thousands of businesses accept the Monizze card on their payment terminal. How to find them?


Can I use my vouchers abroad?

Each country has its specific legislation concerning extra-legal benefits. Therefore, the granting of the Monizze card is subject to the rules in force in Belgium. So, the card cannot be used in another country.


How can I suggest a merchant who does not accept the monizze card yet?

Does your favorite merchant still not accept Monizze meal vouchers? You can suggest the businesses that you want to appear in our acceptance network. How? We offer you two possibilities:

  • On our mobile application, select a point of sale indicated in grey on the map. Then click on « Suggest merchant » and send your request.
  • On the homepage of your profile on myMonizze click on the orange button « Suggest a merchant ». Fill in the landing page the post code of the merchant and press on « Search ». The point of sale is then displayed in grey on the map. Select it and click on « Suggest this merchant ». The request is sent.

After having sent us this suggestion, we will contact your merchant to convince him to accept the Monizze card as a payment method.


You cannot find an answer to your question about the Monizze acceptance network? Contact us.