The corona premium / The consumption vouchers

What is the corona premium?

The corona premium is a one-off bonus that is issued as consumption vouchers. Its aim is to offer extra purchasing power to employees to thank them for their resilience during the COVID-19 crisis. It is also a way to support the recovery of the Belgian economy.
The corona premium can be spent in all sorts of shops in Belgium until the 31st of December 2022.

What can I buy with the corona premium?

The corona premium can be used to pay for all kinds of purchases and services: food, clothing, a massage, cinema tickets,… The only restriction is that you must buy the product or enjoy the service within the merchant’s establishment. Online stores cannot accept consumption vouchers.

To find a merchant that accepts your corona premium, use our network map. For more ideas on what to buy, take a look at our corona premium user’s guide.

How do I spend my corona premium?

To spend your corona premium, visit one of the merchants who accept the Monizze card. Once you’re at the register, ask to pay with Monizze. You can then use your card just as you would a debit card.

Note that if you still have meal, eco or gift vouchers on your Monizze account, they will be debited before your corona premium. However, you can correct the transaction through the Monizze app.

How can I correct a transaction made with another kind of vouchers?

If you have purchased something with your meal, eco or gift vouchers when you wanted to pay with your corona premium, you can transfer the transaction from one type of vouchers to the other.

To do so, log in to the Monizze mobile app and open the transaction history by clicking on the relevant voucher’s icon. Select the transaction that you want to transfer and click on “Transfer to another wallet.” If the balance of your corona premium is high enough to refund the transaction as a whole, you will be able to select that type of voucher. Click on “Confirm transfer” to complete the process. The amount will be debited from your corona premium balance and transferred to your other vouchers.

This functionality is only available for transactions that happened in the last 60 days. It is not possible to debit your meal or eco vouchers to transfer a transaction. This limitation is due to the specificities of those vouchers: it is legally mandated that they only be used to buy food or ecological products respectively.