The management of my employees

The life of a company is always caught in a certain rotation. Being able to easily manage the extra-legal benefits of your employees during their departure or arrival is thus essential. You will also find out below what to do when a card is lost or damaged.


What to do when an employee leaves my company?

When one of your employees unfortunately leaves your company, you can easily put an end to his contract on your Client Area. To do this, go to the « Employees » tab and select the departing employee. You can then click on « Complete contract » and confirm. Closing his contract will not block his card. He will thus be able to still benefit from the advantages received previously.

Even so be careful not to accidentally block his card. Indeed, he must still be able to use the vouchers he has already collected.


What should I do when I hire a new employee?

You have just hired a new employee within your company? 2 situations are then possible:

    1. 1. Your new employee already had a Monizze card from his previous employer:

In that case, send us an e-mail to and give us the following information:

  • The last name and first name of the employee
  • The name of his previous company
  • Your company number

We will then do what is necessary to link this new employee to your account.


    1. 2. Your new employee does not have a Monizze card:

Order a new card from your Client Area.


What should I do when my employee does not have his Monizze card as a result of a loss or theft?

If one of your employees has lost his card of if it has been stole, you can block it from your Client Area. In the « Employees » tab, you can select the person and then click on “block card” and confirm. A new card is then automatically ordered and delivered within ten working days.

Your employee can also block his own Monizze card through his personal space, the mobile application or by phone.


What should I do when the Monizze card of my employee is defective, damaged or refused?

If the card of your employee is defective, damaged or refused, advise him to send it by post to the address Avenue R. Vandendriesschelaan, 18 1150 Brussels. We will be able to test it and order a new one if necessary.


You cannot find an answer to your question about the management of the extra-legal benefits of your employees? Contact us.