The legislation on gift vouchers in Belgium

To be considered as benefits and excluded from the concept of remuneration, business gifts must satisfy certain conditions set in Belgium by SPF Finance. They are then tax-free for the employer and the employee and tax-deductible for the employer.

The nature of the business gift

This type of gift must be given by a company to the members of its personnel for unquestionably social purposes and not by way of remuneration for a service provided. It may take a number of different forms:

  • A multi-brand gift voucher
  • Coupons
  • Cinema tickets
  • Book vouchers
  • etc.

Provided that all members of personnel enjoy the same benefit.

Conditions for gift vouchers to be granted

The legal framework regarding gift vouchers is also valid for the vouchers to be granted, and more particularly the occasions and amounts thus authorized:

Occasion Annual maximum amount per type of occasion and per employee Exempt from social charges Deductible Not taxable for the beneficiary
To your employees
New Year
40 €
+ 40 € / dependent child
Honorable award 120 €
Retirement 40 € / year of service
min. de 120 € - max. de 1000 €
Legal cohabitation
245 € 100%
Seniority 25 years
Seniority 35 years
1x the monthly gross salary
2x the monthly gross salary
Special occasions Nominal amount
Max. 50 €
To your business relations
For all occasions < 125 € 50%
> 125 € 100% Taxable (tax form necessary)

The use of gift vouchers

In addition to these different conditions of grant, the regulation of gift certificates also governs its use. So :

  • They may not be paid to the beneficiary in cash, neither in part nor in whole;
  • They may be exchanged only at shops and businesses having concluded an agreement with the issuer. Find out here where to use your Monizze Gift Card.
  • Their validity must be limited in time (12 months after issue for the Monizze gift voucher).

Do you want to know more about the legislation on business gift vouchers in Belgium? All the relevant royal decrees are available in our Document Center.