Pay and earn!

You can pay for your purchases with your Monizze vouchers
at your local shop and earn Joyn loyalty points, directly via the Joyn app.

There’s nothing simpler or more practical! You just need to have your smartphone
on you and adjust a few settings first.


First of all, add Monizze as a payment method in the Joyn app.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Joyn app on your smartphone
  2. Make sure that you are logged in
  3. Press the gear icon at the top left to access your profile
  4. Then choose “Payment settings”
  5. Press “Monizze”
  6. Then press “Link”
  7. Log in with the login and password you used when you activated your Monizze card (via myMonizze or by mobile)
  8. Press “Login” and then “yes, I accept”
  9. You will then be redirected to the Joyn app
  10. Your Monizze account is now linked to your Joyn app

In shops:


  1. Scan the QR code on the merchant’s tablet with your Joyn app
  2. The merchant enters the sum to pay and confirms by pressing the “Pay and earn” button
  3. Then select Monizze and the voucher type you want to pay with (meal vouchers, eco vouchers or gift vouchers)
  4. Your payment is complete and you have earned Joyn loyalty points!



Joyn is a practical loyalty card that can be used at all your favourite local shops and enables you to earn points for great rewards from all of them.