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Monizze and Ctec pioneer digital bicycle leasing for SMEs

Bicycle leasing has been on the rise for several years now: almost 1 in 3 Belgians indicate that they are interested in it. The Covid-19 pandemic provided an additional boost that was as unexpected as it was unprecedented, with sometimes up to three times as many applications as in the previous year. The reasons for this popularity are not hard to find: healthy, fun, no traffic jams, fiscally interesting, accessible to just about all salary levels, completely free choice of model, etc.

Monizze is once again breaking new ground by joining forces with Ctec, the Belgian market leader in bicycle leasing for companies. By integrating Ctec’s unique, fully digital, and specifically designed range for SMEs into its channels, Monizze is once again positioning itself as an ideal partner and ‘one-stop shop’ in fringe benefits for employers, with the most complete range of options to promote employees’ purchasing power and mental well-being.

This unique offer is very interesting for employers as well as employees: since the cost of leasing – which in addition to rent also includes insurance, breakdown cover, repair, and maintenance – is deducted from the gross salary, this amounts to a benefit of up to 50%.

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