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Monizze and Joyn join forces

The local merchants suffer from the existing COVID-19 crisis and it doesn’t look very promising. Statistics of Joyn tell us that the amount of transactions in March plummeted with 26% and in April it even decreased 50% compared to last years transactions. We see a same trend at Monizze: the amount meal voucher transactions went down 17% in March, 37% in April and even August suffered a 25% transaction decrease in comparison to pre-corona times.

At the same time, consumers are more price-conscience than ever and in search of ways to boost their purchasing power.

Monizze and Joyn therefore join forces to give more purchasing power and to support local economy.

Monizze users can now pay their groceries at their local merchants with Monizze vouchers and at the same time save up Joyn points, all directly through the Joyn app. Extremely useful and simple! They only need their smartphones.


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