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Monizze, Joyn and Payconiq give local merchants a push in the right direction 

There is no doubting that small shops, local merchant and horeca owner are experiencing rough times: after months of lockdown and the threat of a second contamination wave, and the accessory protective measures, a lot of them have little breathing space when it comes to financials. A threat of clearing is almost imminent, with consequences for the local economy.

To put all local merchants in the spotlight in these uncertain times, the three digital pioneers, Monizze, Joyn and Payconiq are launching #ParAmourDuLocal / #UitLiefdeVoorLokaal.

They will distribute a magazine full of coupons to all of their users. This must encourage consumers to visit the participating shops. Besides that, #ParAmourDuLocal / #UitLiefdeVoorLokaal-stickers are spread all over the shops. Merchant can stick them on their shop window win a price with it by taking part in a Facebook competition.

Temporary markings in the form of hearts will also be placed in shopping streets and commercial centers all over the country, including in Mechelen, Hasselt, Aalst and Kortrijk, but also in Charleroi, Mons and some Brussels communities.


Get to know more about #ParAmourDuLocal / #UitLiefdeVoorLokaal