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Monizze versus COVID-19

Our country and the rest of the world are currently experiencing an unseen health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Monizze organised themselves to fully protect the health of their employees and to maintain their commercial activity. Next to the health of our team and their family, our priority lays in guaranteeing service continuity to our clients.

We always have been flexible to treat our clients the best way possible and it does not differ in this situation. Always being digital and agile, our organization rapidly adjusted and put all in place what necessary to stay operational.

Monizze can therefor still assure the issuing of meal vouchers, eco vouchers and gift vouchers. The Monizze users can still use their Monizze card to spend their vouchers. However, following government measures, only essential food businesses are open.

The whole team of Monizze works from home but remains available through all communication channels as usual to respond to questions. However, we kindly ask our clients to favor contact us by email.

Finally, Monizze proposes, to the employers, for a period of three months (depending on how the situation evolves), a home delivery of new Monizze cards for their employees to ensure respecting the government measures caused by COVID-19. The additional cost is limited to the cost of the stamp. Clients that are interested in this service can contact our client service.

In the meanwhile, take care of your precious ones.