Accept Monizze in your business or on the Activ' platform

Join our 44,000 retailers, restaurateurs, and sports and cultural establishments, and allow your customers to spend their Monizze vouchers in your business, on your e-commerce site or on our Activ’ Platform!

No hassle, the activation is done automatically, within just 10 working days.


You pay neither activation fees nor subscription fees, only a contribution per transaction*:

  • Meal: 1.5% of the amount (min €0.10 and max €0.80)
  • Eco: 2.75% of the amount
  • Gift: 2.75% of the amount
  • Activ’: transactions based on activities
  • Consumption – Corona premium: service fee based on activities (Horeca: 1.5% of the amount (max. €0.80) / non-Horeca: 2.75% of the amount)

Don’t delay in activating your terminal and/or joining our platform and offering this service to your customers within 10 days!


*The pricing mentioned above is not applicable to e-commerce sites.

You can also accept the Monizze vouchers in your online store!


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