With Consumption Vouchers Monizze increases your revenue: an extra boost in times of corona


The Consumption Voucher creates supplementary purchasing power up to 300 euros from employers to employees, to thank and boost them for a succesful restart of their business, for you store. The 300 euros is spendable at horeca, local merchants and cultural and sportsectors which had to close their doors voor a while (as a result of the pandemic) due to the lockdown.
So, make sure they can spend it in your store!



Your advantages?

Electronic, safe and efficient

Only Monizze offer electronic Consumption Vouchers Monizze: which is safe and efficient. Safe, because there is no fysical transaction of paper vouchers and because you cannot lose them. Efficient, because the transactions of the Consumption Vouchers happen automatically once the terminals in your store are linked. We only need some information about the terminal, and then you’re all set!

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No transactions, no fees

There are no start-up fees related to Consumtion Vouchers.  Transaction fees are limited. No transactions means no fees for you. So, you don’t lose anything.

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More visibility

More than 400.000 people use the Monizze card. Those are all one by one potential clients for you!

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follow the example of our horecaclients, merchants,
sportclubs en providers of cultural activities
 and give your customers the oppourtunity to spend their monizze cheques in your store!

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