Pre-order now the new purchasing power premium!


Give your employees a boost with the purchasing power premium

Help your employees cover their daily needs.

Offer your employees up to €750 extra net purchasing power thanks to the new purchasing power premium. It is more fiscally advantageous compared to an equivalent salary. Give them the chance to purchase the same essential goods as with their meal and eco vouchers. Pre-order is now available!

How does the pre-order work as a client?

The pre-order is very simple. You increase your employees’ purchasing power in a few clicks.

Already Monizze client?

  • Activate the premium via the banner on the homepage of your client area
  • Confirm the pre-order by clicking on “I activate the purchasing power premium”
  • Download the order file via the banner and send it to pre-order@monizze.be

How does the pre-order work as a new client?

Not yet Monizze client? Pre-order the purchasing power premium very easily:

  • Click the “Pre-order” button below to download your order file
  • Fill in the details
  • Send the filled in file to pre-order@monizze.be
extra net purchasing power

Help tackle inflation!

As a partner, we help you increase your employees’ purchasing power up to €750 in just a few clicks. The purchasing power premium is more fiscally advantageous than an equivalent salary increase. The premium is designed to encourage consumption of meals, ready-to-use food and environmentally friendly products or services.

Purchasing power premium: the key numbers

Order before the 31st of December 2023! The purchasing power premium is valid from the 1st of June 2023 to the 31st of December 2024. The message is clear: order as soon as possible. Your employees will be able to enjoy it for more than 1 year.

  • A reduced employer contribution of 16,5%
  • An extra net purchasing power up to 750€
  • Order before 31/12/23
  • Valid from 01/06/23
  • Valid until 31/12/24
Already client? Pre-order now!

Where to spend the purchasing power premium? Locally!

Everywhere you pay with meal and eco vouchers in Belgium

Hospitality sector

At a restaurant or during the coffee break

Second-hand products

Such as clothing or electrical appliances


products and services

Food and bio products

At convenience stores or supermarkets

Retail shops

The bakery or butcher around the corner

Installations for

renewable energy

Household appliances

Washing machine, refrigerator or kitchen appliances

Public transport

or an electric bike

Support your employees and the local economy

Almost 50% of Belgian households struggle to make ends meet, according to a survey by Statbel. But there is good news: the purchasing power premium offers a boost.

Not only do your employees get more financial flexibility, you also invest in the local economy. A win-win situation!


What is the purchasing power premium?

The purchasing power premium is an extralegal benefit. The federal government has decided that companies that achieved good results can give a premium to their employees. The purchasing power premium takes the form of consumption vouchers. It allows you to grant your employees additional net purchasing power to cover their daily needs. The purchasing power premium is also fiscally attractive. Employees use it to pay for the same essential products and services as with meal and eco vouchers.

What can my employees buy with the purchasing power premium?

They buy the same essential products and services with it as with meal and eco vouchers. Discover our network

Is the purchasing power premium mandatory?

Employers can grant the purchasing power premium on a voluntary basis. The granting of the purchasing power premium can also be determined in a collective or individual employment agreement.

How much is the purchasing power premium?

The purchasing power premium amounts to a maximum of €500 for companies with “good” results in 2022. Companies with “very good” results can grant a maximum of €750. 

As a self-employed business owner, can I grant myself the purchasing power premium?

Self-employed business owners may not grant themselves the purchasing power premium.

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