My personal space myMonizze

Whether it is to track your remaining balance, to consult your transactions or to know the validity date of your Meal, Eco, Gift, Activ’ of Consumption benefits Monizze provides you, as an employee, a personal space. This one is accessible under the name myMonizze.


How can I login?

To log in to your account, nothing is easier. All you have to do is go to Then enter your e-mail or phone number (with which you activated your Monizze card). The password that was communicated to you when you activated your card will also be required.


How can I ask for a new password?

Do you want to change your password? Go to your personal space and click on the « Profile » tab. After confirming your address, you can choose your new password. This one must be encoded twice in order to ensure its accuracy.

Forgot your password? After clicking on « Forgotten password », you can choose between 2 methods:

  • Via your e-mail address (free)
  • Via your phone number (charged)

You will then receive your new password.


Where can I have access to my discount vouchers?

By having the Monizze Meal, Eco, Gift, Activ’ or Consumption benefits, you also benefit from various discounts from our partners. Want to benefit from these? You can find your different discount vouchers in the « Coupons » tab of your myMonizze account.



How can I access the Activ’ platform?

The Activ’ platform is accessible from the Monizze app or your personal area myMonizze. Login and then click on the blue Activ’ button. For all questions relating to the Activ’ platform itself, you will find a dedicated FAQ at the bottom of the platform’s homepage.



You cannot find an answer to your question about the use of your myMonizze space? Contact us.