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What is the mobility budget?

The mobility budget is a tool designed for employers to encourage employees to change their mobility habits. It allows employees who, given their function, have (a right to) a company car, to opt for a mobility budget instead of their (right to a) company car. The amount of this mobility budget is based on the TCO of their company car, but this amount is limited to a minimum of 3,000 euros and a maximum of 16,000 euros per year, in addition to a ceiling of 20% of the gross annual salary. 

The mobility budget can be used in three pillars, each with a different tax and social security treatment. 

Pillar 1: the mobility budget can be used to finance an environmentally friendly company car. As of 2026, this car must have zero-carbon emission.  

Tax treatment: the company car under pillar 1 is treated in the same way as a “normal” company car from a tax and social security point of view.  

Pillar 2: the mobility budget can be used for environmentally friendly modes of transport, for both private and business travel. For example, company bikes, public transport, carpooling, car rental for a maximum of 30 days per year, electric scooters, but also for the payment of rent or mortgages (including interests) if the employees live within a 10 km radius of their usual workplace. If a person works mostly from home during a given month, then home is the usual place of work for that month.  

Tax treatment: second pillar benefits are fully exempt from social security contributions. Their costs are fully deductible from corporate income taxes.  

Pillar 3: the balance of the mobility budget (if any) is paid once a year after deduction of a special social security contribution of 38.07%, but it is exempt from taxes.  

Tax treatment: the balance paid is fully deductible from corporate income taxes.  

How does it work for employees?

Once the employer has activated one or more Mobility services, the available services will be directly visible to employees on MyMonizze or in the mobile app. The login to access the activated Mobility services is identical to MyMonizze login.

How does it work for the employer once registered?

The employers will have the advantage of finding all the services offered by Monizze, including Mobility, the client area. There, they can configure all the Mobility parameters and services as well as their extra-legal cheques.  

Once the employer has activated one or more Mobility solutions, these will automatically be visible and manageable from their client area.  

How does the invoicing work?

For Mbrella and Deskalot, the costs for the services will be included in your usual monthly Monizze invoice.  

For Ubike, in phase 1, the invoice will be sent directly by Ubike. In a second phase, the Ubike costs will be included in your usual monthly Monizze invoice.

How much does Mobility cost?

Mbrella: with Mobility, you subscribe to the Premium package which gives you access to the best features of the Mbrella solution. With Mobility, the first 3 months are free! The pricing works based on a fixed monthly fee depending on the size of the company.  

Ubike: only the total amount of bike leasings is charged. There is no additional cost for the employer.  

Deskalot: only the total amount of workspace rentals is charged. There are no additional costs for the employer.  

Did you know? Each year, a tax-exempted allowance may be granted to employees who use another means of transport (car, foot, van, motorbike, etc.) than public transport or carpooling to go to work. For the financial year 2022, this tax-free allowance amounts to 420 euros per year. 

I'm interested in Mobility. Where do I start?

Complete our form or contact our customer care team at or by phone at 02 891 88 44 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6 pm. 

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