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Am I obliged to order a new card for a former employee?

The law stipulates that the last employer to order vouchers must also provide the card so that the beneficiary can use the vouchers until they expire.

What should I do if an employee leaves my company?

When an employee leaves your company, we recommend that you indicate this in your client area. You do this via the “Employees” tab. In the profile of the relevant employee, click on the “end collaboration” button and confirm.  

The employee’s Monizze card is not blocked by the termination of the contract. The Monizze card and vouchers can continue to be used.  

Caution: be sure not to block the employee’s Monizze card. If the Monizze card is blocked, the employee can no longer use their vouchers.

My employee’s Monizze card is about to expire. Should I apply for a new Monizze card?

When the expiry date of an employee’s Monizze card approaches, you will be notified via email.   

If the employee is still employed, has an available balance on his Monizze card and has recently received recharges, the Monizze card will be renewed automatically. New Monizze cards are always sent out well before the expiry date. 

How do I activate my employees’ Monizze card?

Employees can activate their Monizze card in two ways. Together with their Monizze card, they receive a letter with instructions for activation 

  1. By SMS: the employee should send the code printed on the letter to 8844. 
  2. Via MyMonizze: the employee can activate the Monizze card online via this link.

Is it not possible for the employee to activate the Monizze card in one of these ways? Then activate the card for the employee via your client area. To do so, go to the “Employees” tab, select the respective employee and activate the card via “Cards”. 

We have not (yet) received our employee’s Monizze card.

You should count around 10 working days for the production and delivery of a new Monizze card. Through your client area, you can easily consult the card production and shipment dates of your employees’ Monizze cards.  To do so, go to the “Employees” tab and click on “Card creations”.

Has the sending date passed a long time ago, but you have not received the card? Then please contact us. Keep in mind that postal processing may take several working days.

What should I do if my employee’s Monizze card no longer works?

If your employee’s card no longer works, the Monizze card should be sent to the following address: Roger Vandendriesschelaan 18, 1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe. The Monizze card will then be tested and, if necessary, a new card will be sent. 

What should I do if my employee’s Monizze card is lost or stolen?

If the Monizze card of one of your employees is lost or stolen, block that card via your client area.   

In the “Employees” tab, select the person concerned, click on “Cards” and “Block card” and confirm. A new card will be ordered automatically and delivered within 10 working days.  

Your employee can also block their Monizze card themselves via MyMonizze, our mobile app or by phone. 

What do I have to do when I hire a new employee?

Has your company just hired a new employee? There are then two possible situations 

  1. Your new employee already holds an active Monizze card: The employee can continue to use the active Monizze card, no new card is needed. 

You only need to add the new employee to your company. You do this through your client area under the “Employees” tab via the “Add employee” button. After you have entered the employee’s details, our system will automatically link the employee’s active card to your company account.  

  1. Your new employee does not yet have a Monizze card: Order a new card via your client area‘s home page under “Order cards”. 

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