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How can we help you as an employer with your eco vouchers?

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I want to grant Monizze eco vouchers to my employees. How can I become a client?

You can become a Monizze client via this link 

Can eco vouchers be granted retroactively?

It is not recommended, but eco vouchers can be granted retroactively if it is a rectification. 

Do full-time and part-time employees receive the same amount of eco vouchers?

Neither the Collective Labour Agreement No 98 nor the Royal Decree on the granting of eco vouchers mention specific rules for part-time employees. So, the employer may choose. Either he can opt for a system proportional to work performance or for an amount that is the same for all employees, regardless of their status. 

Can I grant myself eco vouchers as a self-employed business manager?

Since 1 January 2007, self-employed business managers may grant eco vouchers to themselves under certain conditions: 

  • A self-employed business manager who hires staff may only grant eco vouchers to himself if his employees also receive them.  
  • The eco vouchers granted to the self-employed business manager cannot be worth more than those of his full-time employees.  

Please note: Small self-employed persons and practitioners of liberal professions cannot get eco vouchers, as the legal form of the self-employed person must explicitly be a company. 

Find more information here.

How can I order Monizze eco vouchers?

Ordering Monizze eco vouchers can be done in two ways:  

  1. Through your social secretariat: you have your social secretariat order eco vouchers from Monizze. Contact your social secretariat to receive more information about this. 
  2. Via the Monizze client area: you order your eco vouchers yourself via your client area

You are not yet a Monizze client? Then follow the instructions via this link to open your client account with Monizze first. 

Who is entitled to eco vouchers?

Everyone in the private sector is entitled to eco vouchers. The eco voucher system was established by a collective bargaining agreement within the National Labour Council (NAR). It only concerns employers and employees covered by the Act of 5 December 1968 on collective labour agreements and joint committees.  

Different categories of staff cannot therefore benefit from this extralegal benefit, namely all employees:  

  • who are active in the public sector and autonomous public enterprises;  
  • who are subsidised by the state and active in the subsidised establishments of free education;  
  • who have been recruited under a PWA employment contract;  
  • who are active in vocational training centres applying the legislation on job placement or vocational training of job seekers.

Are eco vouchers mandatory?

Eco vouchers are in principle not mandatory. For some Joint Committees, however, it is an obligation. The granting of eco vouchers and the associated conditions are chosen by the employer. The conditions are defined in a collective or individual employment contract.  

Feel free to contact us to find out whether the granting of this benefit is an obligation for your Joint Committee.  

What is the value of an eco voucher?

The maximum value of the eco voucher is 250 euros per year. The value awarded depends on the number of days worked. For more information on the calculation, it is best to contact your social secretariat.

What can my employees buy with eco vouchers?

Eco vouchers can only be used to purchase ecological products or services. The National Labour Council (NAR) draws up the list of products and services that can be bought with eco vouchers.  

Monizze eco vouchers are accepted in a large network of large chains, as well as in local shops. In addition, eco vouchers can also be used online for purchases at various online shops.

Discover our offline network here.

Discover our online network here.

What are eco vouchers?

Eco vouchers are an extralegal benefit. It allows employers to motivate their employees with additional purchasing power. The eco voucher is also completely exempt from social contributions. On top of this, the ecological awareness of the employee is encouraged. 

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