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What should I do if I take over a business where Monizze is already accepted?

If you are taking over a business where Monizze is already accepted, you still need to submit a connection application. Submitting a new application ensures that all data is updated in our system (payout information, contact details…).    

You can apply via this link.

What should I do if I cease my commerical activity?

If you cease your activities and Monizze will no longer accept business through your terminal or online shop, please notify Monizze as soon as possible at shop@monizze.be.   

What should I do if my address changes?

If your address has changed since your connection, send us an email at shop@monizze.be containing the following information:   

  • The name of your business  
  • The business number or affiliation number that appears on your invoice   
  • Your previous address   
  • Your new address   

What should I do if my bank account number changes?

If your bank account number has changed since your affiliation, send us this form fully completed and signed by e-mail at shop@monizze.be. 

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