The gift voucher for the employee

Your advantages:

  • The multi-brand gift voucher of Monizze gives you the freedom to choose what you buy.
  • You benefit from an additional net purchasing power*.
  • The gift voucher is 100% exempt from social charges and taxes.
  • A payment card containing all your vouchers (the meal voucher, the eco voucher and the gift voucher) that is very easy to use.

The advantages of Monizze:

  • Many different possibilities to view your balance and the history of your transactions.
  • An online personal spacemyMonizze” that is both easy and user friendly.
  • A mobile application available on Android and iOS.
  • Discount vouchers that offer you some great deals.
  • A helpdesk available from Monday till Saturday to answer all your questions.

The advantages of the electronic format:

  • No more lost, expired, stolen or damaged gift vouchers.
  • You receive a notification before your gift vouchers expire.
  • You can block your Monizze card in different ways in case of loss or theft.
  • No need for delivering or collecting your gift vouchers.
  • You manage your Monizze account like a bank account. You can check your balance and your recent transactions.


See legal framework

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