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How can we help you as an employee with your Activ’ vouchers?

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How can I have an activity reimbursed through my Activ' vouchers?

Have you recently paid for a sports & culture voucher-eligible activity using another payment method?

You can use your Activ’ balance to request a refund. To do this, select an activity with the “refund” icon on the platform. Click on “Add ticket” under “Refund request” to upload an image of your ticket. Fill in the requested information. Your Activ’ balance will be debited and the amount of your ticket credited into your bank account.

If the activity you want to be reimbursed for is not yet available on Activ’, you can use the “Suggest an activity” tab to submit a request.  

How can I suggest an activity that is not yet on the Activ' platform?

Would you like to book an activity through an organisation that is not yet on the Activ’ platform?   

Quite simply! Click on the ‘Suggest an activity’ section and fill in the contact form with the name and contact details of the organisation.   

We will contact that organisation and add it to the Activ’ platform.

How do I access the Activ' platform?

Our Activ’ platform can be accessed via our Monizze app or your online MyMonizze account. Log in and then click on the blue Activ’ button. For all questions related to the Activ’ platform itself, you will find a specific FAQ at the bottom of the platform’s homepage.  

How long are Activ' vouchers valid?

Activ’ vouchers are valid for a maximum of 15 months, from 1 July of the current year to 30 September of the following year. 

What can I buy with Activ' vouchers?

With Activ’ vouchers, you can book sports, cultural and leisure activities through our Activ’ platform. A wide range of activities is available such as participation in sports activities and events, cinema or theatre visits, concerts and festivals, leisure and animal parks, museums and excursions, spa and wellness, … 

Discover our Activ’ network here.

Where can I pay with my Monizze Activ' vouchers?

Activ’ vouchers can only be used on the Activ’ platform. Therefore, you cannot pay with Activ’ vouchers via your Monizze card. Activ’ is our online platform for booking sports and cultural activities.   

Discover our Activ’ network here.

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